Scent Descriptions


ASPEN PINE - Imagine yourself in a dense pine forest upon a snow covered mountain top.

AUTUMN SUNRISE - Deep earthy and cool, with hints of musk and spice.

BABY POWDER - A soft and true scent. Being delicate at its finest.

BLACKBERRY SAGE -  Freshly picked blackberries tempered with cool, crisp sage makes for a unique. clean and refreshing herbal offering.

BLACK COCONUT - Delicious! Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and a hint of White Florals bathed in coconut milk

BLACK MUSK - Deep, musky, dark, heavy, sensual in a mysterious way.

BLUE GARDENIAS - A fresh, pretty, exotic floral arrangement. 

BUTT NAKED - Fresh green apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons and juicy pears.

CALIFORNIA RAIN  - A clean, refreshing summer mist falling on lilies and other white florals.

CEDARWOOD - Cool, clean, and woodsy.

CHESTNUT BROWN SUGAR - Toasted chestnuts drenched in a buttery brown sugar syrup.

CHINA RAIN - Soft, subtle hints of lily of the valley, jasmine, hyacinth, rose, and ylang ylang.

CHRISTMAS FIRE -  A unique combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar, sage, and a touch of frankincense to bring on the warmth and comfort. Feeling cozy? snuggle on up and enjoy.

CINNAMON - A nip in the butt sort of sweet spice .... GOTCHA!

CLEAN COTTON - Picture putting on your favorite PJ's and snuggling under your warm, cozy blankie straight from the dryer.

CLOVE'S BLEND - Warm and spicy but not too overpowering.

COACH POPPY - Cucumber, Mandarin, Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Water lily, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla and Marshmallow. Whatever it is, it's in there.

DOWN HOME COUNTRY - Cozy creation of fresh tree pine, balsam fir mixed with warm spices, hot apple pie, and vanilla

DRAGON'S BLOOD - Autumn-like warm, woody and earthy scent, with notes of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood

EGYPTIAN MUSK - light, alluring, a scent of pure desire

EUCALYPTUS - An almost cool, minty woodsy brush (if there is such a thing) ... a real eye opener

FLOWER CHILD - A delicate blend of white florals innocently accented with the subtle sweetness of candy, layered in musk, sandalwood, and then patchouli

FOREST ON THE MOUNTAIN - Rain showers fall upon leaves while giving fresh life to wild flowers in bloom. Fir, pine, balsam, and cedar wood trees stretch so high they touch the stars. Morning breaks with dew soaked grassland; while the air is fresher than the freedom you feel standing alone in this brisk, clean, green paradise.

FRANKINCENSE  AND MYRRH - Earthy. What else can I say?

GINGER COOKIE - Spicy and sweet gingerbread cookies - just like grandma made when you were a kid.

GOLDEN COFFEE - Robust, freshly ground and brewed. The scent of eye-opening awareness in the morning.

GRAPFRUIT AND LEMONGRASS - This fragrance is a great "pick-me-up". A real tantalizing rejuvenator.

HARVEST - A special blend of cinnamon sticks, apples, and pumpkin, inside a dried oak basket.

HAWAIIAN PUNCH - The drink speaks for itself, fruity, sweet, powerful - a tropical classic.

HEAVENLY - A soft smooth and creamy fragrance blended with white peony and white musk

HONEY - A golden, warm, raw, unrefined buzzing sweetness.

HONEYSUCKLE - A light, soft floral fragrance.

JAMAICAN ME CRAZY - Wow! fruity, fresh and edgy with a kick, an original secret blend of passion fruit, mangoes, and citrus

JASMINE - An ultra hip light, airy fragrance ... associated with the orient

LAVENDER - True to its name - Soft, pretty, simply lovely

LEMON DROPS - Mouth puckering sour lemon candies

MEDITATION - Calming the spirit with a mix of nag champa, sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense.

MIDNIGHT THERAPY - A soothing and relaxing blend of woods, musks, and earthy tones heightened with the aromatherapeutic scents of eucalyptus and spearmint.

MYSTERY MAJIK - Close your eyes and walk the paths of your thoughts to the shore of your dreams. See, perched high upon the foundation of peace ..... The threshold of your imagination.

NAG CHAMPA - Bold Earth.

OCEAN BREEZE - A Crisp ocean breeze that envelopes you as you walk along a secluded tropical beach, the waves gently spraying a fine mist that refreshes your soul and cleanses your mind.

PATCHOULI - Do you need to ask? A classic woodsy earth scent from the Far East.

PUMPKIN SPICE - Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg make up this robust fall favorite. Oh! don't forget the pumpkin!

ROSE BED - A mixture of pink, red, yellow, and white roses. "A rose by any other name ..." - or is it?

ROYAL VANILLA - A true vanilla scent.

RUSTIC LODGE - A woody mix of fall favorites from fall leaves to warm spices.

SAGE - Cool and crisp.

SANDALWOOD - Think bamboo.

SOFT SPIRIT - Another scent that has been returned by request. Powdery, delicate lotus deepened with creamy vanilla sugar bound with sweet frankincense.

SWEET MUSK - White musk, jasmine, and vanilla bean  settles in a heavenly base of sweet sandalwoods

SUMMERTIME - A uniquely sweet, yet citrus blend of honey, oranges, tangerines, papaya, and other tropical fruits highlighted with vanilla and coconut

THUNDERBOLT - Deep, dark, cool and mysterious with a heavy mood setter

TWILIGHT TIME - A clean blend of lavender, freesia, and rose growing at the entrance of an enchanted forest.

WALK IN THE WOODS - Dark, fresh, crisp and refreshing -- a brisk walk of nature

WELCOME HOME - The smell of spicy cinnamon and clove in the not to far distance while you roast marshmallows over a roaring fire at the campgrounds.

WINTER WONDERLAND - Picture yourself on a  crisp winter's morning at sunrise/sunset in a quiet meadow after a fresh fallen snow with a subtle wind blowing from the imaginary candy cane forest in the distance

WITCH'S  BROOM - A dry, dark, wood-like composition with a slight salty, citrus feel to it.

ZEN AND NOW - A scent of the ancient orient with a touch of jasmine and ylang ylang for added depth.


**note: scents are subject to one's own interpretation.

Descriptions are made (in whole or in part) by the fragrance manufacturer/supplier. Trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners.