The Benefits of Burning Incense

Benefits of Burning Incense


Burning of incense is very familiar to almost everyone. However, almost everyone is aware that there are many benefits associated with it as well. This ancient and wonderful experience dates back to thousands of years and is practiced by most cultures around the world at one time or another. Its use and popularity are consistent due to the outstanding properties. The following will help you understand what incense can offer you, and other benefits it has to offer.

  • To Encourage Emotional Release

The fragrances can be directed specifically towards promoting emotional reactions. Some incense scents promote peace, and calm the nervous system; others promote a sense of joy and energy. Some incense scents even increase sensuality and physical excitement.

  • It Offers A Lesson

Incense stick begins in full length and then becomes short as it burns continuously. There is no way to repair or rebuild a stick that has burnt. At first, the scent is strong, then the stick will be burnt and gone, and the smell will be low. Sometimes, the ashes on top of the stick serve as a reminder of past glories, before falling into a bowl of incense. Now, this is a real lesson that applies to our personal lives.

  • Reducing Stress And Anxiety

When we are angry, our brain releases stress hormones. These hormones cause inflammation which in turn causes the release of proteins known as the inflammatory cytokine. These proteins can greatly affect cognitive function, almost "blurring" the natural process. This is one of the main reasons why upset people can perform more than they can do on a normal basis. Eating and incense scent has scientifically proven that they can reduce these stress hormones and calm the nervous system and positively affect the release of serotonin.

  • Helps Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping, burning incense sticks can be wonderful. Smoke from the stick deeply relaxes the mind and promotes sleep. This is a safe, natural treatment for insomnia without the using any drug.

  • To Better Focus And Concentration

Special incense scents help develop better attention and concentration to learn and work. They allow you to clear thinking and develop awareness of concentration. Many ascetics use incense during meditation to develop intense concentration. Even the scientists explored the power of incense, and are using it to build their concentration while pursuing academics.

  • It Creates A Positive Environment That Results In Increased Productivity

You do not necessarily need a reason or anything to use incense in your home. The basic idea of being at home is to relax and feel fresh. A regular habit of burning incense at home will create a comfortable environment for you and your family.

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