Making Christmas Awesome!

Making Christmas Awesome with Gifts of Incense and Fragrance Oils

With Christmas right around the corner, the pressure is on to find the best present for those on our festive gift list. But, finding the right gift can sometimes be much more of a challenge than it should be. So, here are some great ideas that will solve your problems when choosing Christmas gifts.

Incense and incense sticks

 Incense is an old favored standby. With their pleasant fragrance and refined power to create a warm, calming atmosphere, how can you go wrong with incense? Some incense can be costly, but not at Paradise Station. We stock a variety of attractive incense holders, candle holders, and incense, not to mention fragrance oils for your warmers.

Aromatherapy products work as great gifts to live up  the spirit of Christmas. So, why not elevate the entire festive spirit by gifting incense sticks or cones to your beloved kin? Fill their homes with the aroma of raw nature this Christmas by giving them the gift of incense sticks with scents varying from the holidays to the novelty.  

Something amazing happens when you surround yourself with some of the incredible smells of the holiday season. You may find that baked goods and other scents that remind you of foods that you snack on during the holiday season will tempt your senses. Others like to sample smells that remind them of the beautiful outdoors when the winter weather hits.

Fragrance (scented) oils

Fragrance oils are not as common as incense. They can, however, still provide an alluring aroma and offer a slight variation from traditional candles. Additionally, they come in a wide array of scents to suit anybody's taste and personal style.

When you want to bring some of the smells of the glorious holiday season into your home to enjoy with all of your friends and cherished family members, it may be as easy as the addition of some luscious home fragrance oils. Perfect when swabbed on a couple of light bulbs with a cotton ball, dripped into a scent diffusing ring to set on top of the light bulb or even mixed with a couple of tablespoons of water in your favorite oil burner, home fragrance oils are one of the easiest ways to distribute wonderful smells throughout your entire home.

Blue Gardenia, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, Blackberry, and even rich Aspen Pine are a couple of the scents of home fragrance oil that you can look to in order to give your entire living space the scent of the holiday season. You can even take some of these home fragrance oils and use a couple of drops in order to refresh your potpourri that may have lost their scent over time.

Need a couple of extra gifts for the holidays for friends and family members? If so, then you might even want to visit Paradise Station’s website:  and experience the variety of fragrance oils and incense that you can use to make this Christmas what you had really desired. You may also visit our Etsy shop, Paradisestationnet and see what our valued customers have to say about our products and service.

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