Just passing on a little information

Just passing on a little information

The Different Types Of Incense Burners


Incense has become a way of life for many people. It can be used to create an atmosphere conducive for meditation or just to make your home smell wonderful. But if you want to burn incense, you have to prepare it in a burner. And an incense burner can provide you with all you are looking for. All you have to do is just to light the incense and continue with your medication.

Incense burner is a kind of tool in which incense is burned and adds beauty to this incredible smell. This amazing tool is used since ancient times and is still in use. The incense burner is a type of device that is filled with incense and burned. The smoke makes our roomful of heaven and attracts more passes.

There are many types of incense burners, and we will check them out below.

  • Ash-Catching Incense Burner

It can be found almost anywhere you will find incense, and generally the cheapest option. Whether they are made of wood, you will find a way to put your incense stick there. They are available not only in wood format but also ceramics, glass, stone and bone.

  • Coil Burners

Coil burners are the second most common type of burner. However, they can be very hard to use if you are new to incense. These coils will not stay on if burnt and placed on a hard surface. One of the burners that are common support the coil with a bed of prongs. 

  • Box Burner

The burner is a collector box or container that often includes a box for storage underneath. Box burners are usually made of hand-carved wood and come in various colors and finishes. Most are imported from India and include brass hardware and decorative elements.

  • Spiral Burners

Spiral coils are designed to remain suspended in the air so that it collapses down under its own weight. The burner can be hard to find and often sold separately. So, if you are not sure, you can ask Paradise Station to buy your spiral burner. These incense burners generally consist of a rod with a hook at the end of which extends a plate to catch the ash fall.

  • Natural Abalone Shell Incense Burners

This is a perfect burner for many types of incense. Often, use this burner for holding smudge sticks. If you use anything other than the standard incense, you should try to isolate the bottom of the abalone shell with ash or sand. This will ensure that the shell survives rising temperatures burning incense. They fit almost any lifestyle, with a certain elegance that only they can offer a room.

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