Incense and its Spiritual Uses

Incense And Its Spiritual Use


Incense burning is honored in most places because it represents a lot of things. Since ancient times, incense is used for cultural, religious and spiritual reasons. Today, incense burning is still popular all over the world.

The benefits of burning incense for spiritual use ranges abundantly. Scents move us beyond reason to experiences that include mental rejuvenation and improved sensory reception. Scents also capture and recall good memories.

The use of incense as a key to unlock the door to higher spiritual realms doesn't date back to centuries only, but thousands of years. We all know that in the bible, the three wise men brought gifts which include gold, frankincense, and myrrh as a gift for the birth of Jesus, marking one of the holiest events in the history of billions of people. This is not surprising since the roots of incense were recorded in the minds of humanity for at least 3000 years before the advent of Christianity.

Frankincense is one of the most sacred types of incense, ruled by the sun. It is used for blessings, purification as well as protection. It is also used by physicians for boils, internal disturbances, fever, leprosy and venom poison, as well as a general tonic; it was also used in embalming.

Myrrh is also a type of incense that is often used in rituals cleansing and sanctification and also used to wipe off evil and negativity.

The smell of incense can lift our spirits and transform the energetic vibration of a room. Since ancient times, incense is used in rituals and religious practices. In the times where people believe gods, it was used to appease the gods or improve magic spells, and still is a powerful tool for spiritual use today. With the exploration of incense practices, below you will learn about some of the ways that the use of incense can improve your life.

Incense and its spiritual powers

The spiritual use of incense is often accompanied by prayers, invocations, and spells. As the smoke rises to the sky, it often represents that the requests have arrived at the destination and will get approval from the divine entities. Incense is also believed to have properties that can dissipate a negative energy.

If you make any form of spiritual worship, or not, personal use of incense can help you in many ways. You can clean your room from negative energy and purify it with the help of incense. This can help clear your mind and increase concentration during meditation or any other activity that requires concentration.

In many cases, incense can help reduce stress and restore emotional balance. It also enhances psychic abilities and induces sleep. You can even use it to attract love in abundance.

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