Fragrances for Spring and Summer

BEST FRAGRANCES FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. WHAT IS FRAGRANCE? Fragrance is a mixture of chemicals or natural resources that is applied to offer the human body, food, objects, animals, and environments a distinct scent. The ingredients that make up each fragrance could be obtained from natural materials or petroleum. Most products only write "fragrance" on their labels, while scarce products itemize the exact ingredients used in making up a "fragrance." The idea of not disclosing the ingredients makes it difficult for customers to know the entire ingredients that make up these fragrances. BENEFITS OF FRAGRANCES Is bad odor a turn off for you? Do you enjoy perceiving your favorite fragrance at home or in your office? Get in here and let's check a few of the numerous benefits of fragrance before we proceed to the recommended scents for each season. Fragrance- The apparent reason why people use scent is the fragrance. It makes your environment smell nice and prevents you from that undesired odor. Boosts confidence- Exactly how you feel when you wear that amazing dress, that's how fragrance makes you feel when you have access to your favorite. That ‘on top of the world' feeling. You don't have to worry about that unpleasant smell at any point. It creates attraction- The first thing people notice when they visit your place is not only the looks, they also perceive the smell in the air. Nice smells creates attraction, bear in mind the human sense of smell is the most crucial of the five senses. RECOMMENDED FRAGRANCES FOR SPRING Each season comes with its sensations and feelings, and they go with different fragrances. Spring usually is a season of new beginnings. A time when the ground begins to warm, and it goes with spring flowers like lily of the valley, jasmine, and fragrances that contain fresh grass, galbanum or bamboo. Examples of these fragrances include; ZEN AND NOW - An ancient orient scent with a blend of jasmine and ylang-ylang, a perfect fragrance for spring. ROSE BED - The name says it all. It's a mixture of red, pink, white, and yellow roses to give you that elegant smell. JASMINE - You already know how jasmine is vital for the spring. THUNDERSTORM - It's a fresh airy fragrance with jasmine and sharp greenery that gives you that lovely fragrance memory. COACH POPPY – This is another fantastic spring fragrance that contains almost everything. It's a mixture of mandarin, cucumber, freesia, jasmine, water lily, gardenia, marshmallow, sandalwood, vanilla, etc. RECOMMENDED FRAGRANCES FOR SUMMER Summer is the warm, lively holiday celebration season and it goes with citrus fragrances. Some of which include; SUMMERTIME - This is a fragrance you don't want to miss, it's a mixture of orange, tangerines, papaya, blend of honey and other tropical fruits. The name says it all. LICK ME ALL OVER - That summer fragrance that keeps you craving for more. It's made with an exotic blend of raspberry, melon, and citrus with slight floral notes. JAMAICAN ME CRAZY - The summer times are fun times. Enjoy your summer with this fragrance of original secret blend of passion fruit, mangoes, and citrus. SUMMER NIGHT SKY - Another fragrance worthy of our recommendation with a blend of florals, a mix of citruses and earthy undertones. LOVE SPELL - That fragrance that brings a summer attraction like a love spell. It's a fresh fruity fragrance with apple, grapefruit, strawberries, oranges, black currant, peach, chamomile, and cherry blossoms. These are few of the many fragrances for each season. You can purchase any of these and more quality fragrances from Paradise Station. All fragrances from Paradise Station are made from high-quality natural materials. Check out what our clients are saying from our Etsy shop.

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