Dragon's Blood and its benefits

Dragon’s Blood and its benefits Dragon's blood is a light red resin produced by certain some species of trees whose use has been documented since the 15th century. The name Dragon’s Blood refers to no less than sixteen different resins of the same number of trees. It may also refer to highly toxic mineral cinnabar. Its incense is made with essential oils, and these essential oils are gotten from the resin of the dragon tree. It is known that dragon trees originated from the Canary Islands and Sumatra and some years ago the blood was used to celebrate some ceremonies in India and China. It is believed that dragon’s blood have incredible physical and spiritual benefits for centuries. Below, we will check it out the top benefits of dragon’s blood. • Blindness Dragon's blood resin is presented as a remedy for many physical illnesses. Since dragons are associated with acute vision, the blood and scent are used to treat blindness. • Medication Dragonfly blood is a good oil used in the body for meditation and astral projection. It helps protect the body while the soul is outside the body. • Protection Though dragon’s blood has several uses, its use as protection is probably the most common one. Dragon blood is commonly used for protection and can also be added to other incense blends to increase the strength of these blends. It can also be used to purify and create positive vibrations. It is primarily known as an exceptionally powerful protector against negativity and lower vibration. • It gives an extra boost to spells Dragon's blood is very powerful and potent. If you spray the dust around your house and property, it creates a protective barrier. The blood of a fervent dragon will keep away negativity and evil. Dragon's blood increases the power of any spells and incense to which it is added. It's a bit long with this resin, so remember, that's a little bit more. It can also be used for love and power in the bedroom. Overall, dragon’s blood provides lots of spiritual, physical and mental benefits to human. If you would like to purchase dragon’s blood for your specific needs and enjoy the benefits it provides, you can visit Paradise Station to make a purchase. At Paradise Station, we sell dragon’s blood gotten from dragon trees. For the sake of recommendations and review from our clients, you can also check out our Etsy shop.

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