Breast Cancer Awareness

Beginning October 1st, Paradise Station will start a new campaign. Each month we will select a charity and donate 10% of our sales. For the month of October we have choosen The Breast Cancer Reseach Foundation.

   We have selected this organization, not only because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,but because we know family members and friends  who has had, has, or is currently dealing with this disease.

   Please visit www. for more information.  Paradise Station is not asking for any donations or contributions of any kind. 

However, we would like you to visit our website: or Etsy shop: because together, we can make a difference.  Thank you.

In this blog post Paradise Station finds it to be more informative to give links to various organizations concerning Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but make no mistake, Breast Cancer does not just happen in October! If something doesn't look right, feel right, or appears to be … "sort of off" - go speak to your medical professional. Early detection is your best defense.


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